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Bad Credit Can Keep You From Getting A House, A Car, A Nice Apartment, Insurance Coverage, Even Your Dream Job...

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Myth:  Bad credit repairs itself when you pay your bills on time.


 Coleman's Independence Institute has the potential to do a credit repair fix on your Credit & ERASE your inaccurate & unverifiable: 


 Red Check Collections Red CheckLate Pays Red CheckCharge-Offs Red CheckDelinquinces Red CheckMedical Bills Red CheckCell Phone Bills Red CheckStudent Loans Red CheckTax Liens Red CheckRepossession Red CheckHot ChexSystem Red CheckInquiries Red CheckBankruptcyRed CheckForeclosure  Red CheckChild Support Red CheckJudgments

Now On Site Law Based - Paralegal Certified Credit Repair


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From: Brandon Coleman
Friday, February 23, 2018
Time: 3:37

Coleman's Independence Institute Is Now Offering A  - Per Referral Fee For Good Leads Such AS Friends, Family, Real Estate Agents/Brokers, Car Dealerships, Builders, Or Biz Associates that sign up for our Free New Affiliate Program!


Legit Loans Bad Credit

Forty Million American's Have an Error on Credit Report

A new study indicates as many as 40 million consumers have a mistake on their credit report and Steve Kroft finds it's hard to get them fixed.

Used Car Dealer Positive Testimonial About Using Our Credit Restoration Service and Increasing Business 43.5%

Positive Real Estate Agent's Testimonial For Being On Track To Get Approved 47 New Homeowners By Years End And Increase Business 46%!


Dear Friend,

First, thanks for visiting my website and prepare to be educated about your credit & the banks, as well as being very shocked at the information I will be "Exposing"!

We have the potential to destroy your bad credit and eliminate your debts. Listen up ... this is Urgent!

As children, we are raised to look forward to growing up, owning our dream home, driving a sleek car, and working at a job we love. My parents said that I could have anything I desired as long as I worked hard for it. Unfortunately, I took the "have anything you want" part too much to heart as a young adult. I applied for every credit card I was offered, knowing that I couldn't afford the bills. As my credit score went down the drain,
I found that hard work alone doesn't guarantee that you have the things of your dreams.

Blue BulletMy low credit score kept me from buying a house - instead, I rented from a landlord and raised their net worth rather than my own.

Blue BulletIt kept me from getting a car - instead, I drove decades - old cars that spent more time in the shop than on the road.

Blue BulletI had to pay a higher monthly premium for my car insurance.

Blue BulletI had to put down a huge deposit to get cell phone service.

Blue BulletI even had trouble getting utilities in my name.

Then, I found out that a company I wanted to work for did credit checks on potential employees in order to asses their accountability. I panicked -
I had no idea that my poor credit score could cost me my dream job.

MYTH: It takes 7-10 years for negative items to drop off of your credit report

I wasn't alone in my credit problems. A friend of mine with poor credit had bought a house with a sub-prime mortgage. He had a great job where he was making more money than he had ever made before, but he was barely scraping by because his mortgage payments were so high. He was paying over $1000 a month on his mortgage, and only $60 of that was going toward principal. One night, we decided to sit down and determine how much he'd save if his credit score qualified him for a prime interest rate.

We found out that a better interest rate would have saved him almost enough money over his 30-year mortgage to pay for another house just like it with cash! After that, we started calculating the cost of bad credit on everything: cars, utilities, insurance, vacations. Our bad credit was originally caused by our lack of money, but, now that we were making more money,
our bad credit was keeping us from ever getting ahead.

On a $100,000 sub-prime mortgage with an interest rate of 9%, my friend was going to end up paying $80,000 more over the life of the loan than he would have paid with a prime interest rate. THAT'S ALMOST AS MUCH AS THE ORIGINAL LOAN!

We determined that our bad credit was costing us almost $10,000 a year in interest that we wouldn't have to pay if we had good credit and could qualify for better interest rates. So, we started researching ways to improve our credit scores. We read article after article, we interviewed lenders, and we had long discussions with financial advisors. It wasn't long until we discovered that we weren't stuck with our poor credit scores for the next decade of our life. There were things that we could do to improve it!

Did you know that your credit score can be dramatically lowered by reporting inaccuracies? The credit reporting companies aren't in the business of making sure your credit report is without error - they're in the business of making note of the things that are reported to them. When was the last time you looked at your credit report? I was shocked when I looked at mine and found several credit-harming inaccuracies, such as accounts that were listed more than once, accounts that didn't even belong to me, and on-time payments that were recorded as late, just to name a few!

FACT: Paying off a collection that is listed on your credit report restarts the 7-year time period that the account can remain on your credit report.

In our  quest to fix our own credit reports, we learned that many of the things we had always been told about our credit weren't true. By applying the things I learned in my research, my credit score went from a *Poor* 580 rating to * the 700's *Excellent*. Within a year of fixing my credit report, I was able to buy the car that I'd been eyeing for a year a '2007 Chrysler 300, low insurance premiums for full coverage on my automobiles less than $70 with a deductible of only $50. Able to go into any bank & get a letter of credit or get 5-figures of cash with no problem to pay for any toy I wanted, being able to be offered the lowest interest rates in town 0% - 5.9% on financed purchases. Knowingly being able to rent a nice apartment or purchase a nice home or have one built from the ground-up with no problem if I wanted to. I say this not to brag, but to show you what a good credit rating can do for you. That's where Coleman's Independence Institute can help you.

Update For June 01, 2009! So, You Don't Believe Me, And I Don't Know What I'm Doing? And I Didn't Repair My Own Credit! Prepair To Eat Crow!

This is Brad Coleman's credit score for Equifax. My file is available upon request for all to see.

Your score is 769 Was Created On: 05/30/09. This means that your credit risk is Excellent


  • Your FICO score of 769  summarizes the information on your Equifax Credit File as of May 30, 2009.

  • FICO scores range between 300 and 850.

  • The FICO® score is the credit score used most often by lenders. However, the credit file and credit scoring model used by some lenders may be different.


The Bottom Line: You Scored Higher Than 69% of The Population In the United States! What a FICO® Score of 769 means to you

Your score is excellent, and a wide array of loans and credit cards will likely be available to you, often at attractive rates. It is unlikely that your credit application would be denied based on this score alone. The fact that you have received such a high score implies that you scored the maximum (or very near the maximum) possible points for many of the aspects that are evaluated by the FICO score. As such, you should not consider the factors discussed later in this analysis to be any serious flaws with your credit history. They simply indicate the few factors on which you did not score the absolute maximum possible points. You should already have a wide array of credit products available to you.

FACT: Transferring balances from one account to another and closing accounts that have been open for an established amount of time will actually hurt your credit score.

With bad credit, I felt like I was going nowhere. My phone was constantly ringing with calls from bill collectors, and I never thought I would be able to own anything that was just mine. All of that changed when I learned
the secrets that the finance companies don't want you to know.

Then, I befriended three guys that are now retired, one was a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and a expert lecturer on Banking, one owned his own law practice, was a publisher and retired from being a very successful Credit Consultant.

I met these guys through internet businesses that I've ran in the pass, in which my business caught their attention followed with a phone call to me. We've been talking over the phone & by email ever since. They have pretty much taught me 95% of what they know about credit, debt, banking, & the credit bureaus, but laws are forever changing in the above industries on purpose, so we have to research these laws constantly - Brad Coleman is a certified Paralegal, which helps with the legal research experience. It's alot of work! We find one loop-hole to get the average hard working family out of debt & repair their credit, the banks come along & close the loop, then we have to find another one.
The banking lobbyist gets Congress to pass laws in their favor on purpose to keep us in their debt, & to keep us paying very "high" interest rates - follow me here! This is a proven fact.

Would this shock or even surprise you?

It shouldn't And to back all this up with one plain and simple fact that you can't deny, just consider this:

"The Federal Reserve Bank reports that about $1 trillion a day passes through it - and where just $150 billion of this is from the sale of 'tangibles, such as goods and services. The other $850 billion a day is from 'usury' - the taxation or interest on money!"

For a good understanding of the decline of our nation through debt
Consumer debt & credit

In case you didn't do the simple math, $850 billion to $150 billion is a 5 2/3-to-1 ratio!

This means that 'we' as consumers are forced to pay another 5.67 times what something's worth in interest on top of the actual cost of the item sold!
(And this should make you sick!)

With this type of system we're surely doomed if we don't get immediate help - that's where Coleman's Independence Institute comes in. Let us perform our "Credit Analysis & FICO Score Enhancement" services for you.

We Move Fast, We Can Potentially Improve Your Fico Score Up To 28 to 53 Points Within The First 35 Days And Shoot It Through The Roof Within 90 - 180 Days

Score Chart

"Recently a statistical study revealed that today about 60% of all consumers over the age of 18 have at least some type of credit troubles as compared to just 1 in 4 (25%) just 15 years ago."

Today the average family carries a balance of between $7,000 and $10,000 on all their credit cards, and overall Americans spend over $1 trillion alone on their credit cards, and owe $500 billion of it!

Again, Coleman's Independence Institute has the potential to destroy your bad debt and bad credit!

Continued, what's worse, the credit reporting system do manufacture incorrect data and errors that adversely affect people's credit so that they are forced to endure having to pay more in interests on the money they borrow.

Some statistics report as many as 79% of all credit reports (that's about 160 million reports from any one credit bureau!) contain sufficient errors! And on top of this, 25% were sever errors that greatly damaged people's real credit worthiness!

"Within the next 10 years, as many as 87% of all consumers may have a bad credit rating!"

So in the next few years YOU have nearly a 9 in 10 chance of being affected in a very bad way by this huge system.

So, if you can honestly read everything I've told you up till this point and just ignore what I've said, then you're at risk of becoming the next victim of this horrible racket (if you haven't become a victim already!)

My friends also told me - These rules and top secret protocols were written by banking experts, Harvard law school scholars, economists, high-ranking politicians and mathematicians (specializing in energy-management systems).

Together they came up with a "legal" system that would keep the majority of consumers (i.e., about 98%) down in the dumps economically. The ONLY group that would be less affected would be the TOP 0.03% of the mighty rich. (Surprised?) Still don't understand - Did you watch on the world News & in your local papers the financial "Bail-Out" the banks & financial institutions got in the billions of dollars with a "B" $700,000,000,000.
Even top bank executives got multi-million dollar bonuses. What did we get bread crums - $300, $600, & $1200 stimulus check that wouldn't even begin to get us out of debt, foreclosure, or pay your college tuition. And the funny part, we had to pay  back the stimulus check to the IRS back when we got/filed our '2008 tax return, plus we  tax payers payed for the banks "bail-out". Oh, you say you didn't know that? We got an early loan, so in reality we where stimuluated to the tune of "get ready for this big number - I hope I have  enough room to type it" $0 NADA!!! 

The reason I state this is because on this popular company that advertises on your television & internet this software, touts on its website that you don't have to pay your stimulus money back and that it's a gift from government or Bush & not an early refund on your money stating they got or alledgedly interpreted this straight from the internal revenue service website. You don't have to include it on your return, but try submitting your return without it - it will spit it back & send you a letter faster than you can say "cheese".

Please hard working citizens, wake-up & start looking at the "Big Fix"; Ooops typo, I mean the "Big Picture"


Karen Hudes World Bank Lawyer

Karen Hudes - World Bank Lawyer and Whistleblower Exposes The IMF(International Monetary Fund), Vatican, & Jesuits!

"They have misled my people, saying, "Peace, ' when there is no peace." 

Ezekiel 13:10

"When people say, "There is peace and security,' then sudden destruction will come upon them as travail comes upon a woman with child, and there will be no escape."        

I Thessalonians 5:3

"Oh mortal man, is there anything you cannot be made to believe?"

Adam Weishaupt,
founder of the Order of Illuminati

"For the time will come when men will not put up with SOUND DOCTRINE. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear."

 II Timothy 4:3

"Because your sins are so many and your hostility so great, the prophet is considered a fool, inspired man considered a maniac!"


Your credit score is a key factor in determing if you can get credit, and at what cost. Lenders are relying on "credit scoring" to determine your credit worthiness.

What these scores measure is how likely you are to repay your obligations and debts -- and are the main factor that determines if you get loans and credit, at what interest rates and at what cost.

Your credit report affects more than your financial life. It could affect your education, career and even your relationships. Your credit report is used not only by lenders and creditors, but auto, life and home insurers, future employers and even some educational institutions.

It affects the rates you'll pay on everything & below is a "pie-chart" to see the percentages of the area of your life Credit Bureaus base your FICO Score & credit worthiness on:

pie chart

red button From life insurance to homeowner's and car insurance.

red button It may tell a school if you're a good risk for some student assistance programs.

red button Some employers check your credit worthiness to determine if you'll get the job or not.

red button Relationships can become strained if past credit problems were kept hidden by one partner.

Pay your bills on time if you can. And it does pay to know how the system works.

How Do I Get My Credit Reports From The 3 Major Credit Bureaus?

The (FCRA) states that you are entitled to receive a disclosure directly from the consumer credit reporting agency free of charge, if:

You certify in writing that you are unemployed and intend to apply for employment within 60 days, or
You are receiving public welfare assistance, or
You have reason to believe your consumer file contains inaccurate information due to fraud, or
You have been denied credit, insurance, or employment within the past 60 days

You may request your credit report from the below following bureaus & if you don't qualify for a free report with the above qualifications, they are only $8 per credit bureau:

You can get all 3 credit reports from this one company:

Equifax Information Services, LLC
P.O. BOX 740341
Atlanta, GA 30374




Experian Credit Data
701 Experian Parkway
P.O. Box 2002
Allen, TX 75013
888 Experian (888 397 3742)



Trans Union

So, Ask Yourself, What Do You Desire Most Out Of Using Coleman's Independence Institutes Services?

A fabulous new home?          Woman, Money, Car, House

To live in a nice, safer, & better apartment complex for you & your family?

Do you want that fancy new fully loaded tricked-out car(fast and furious) or truck you always wanted?

Do you want to be able too go to any bank & borrow cash?

Or do you want to finance acres of land - no money down with the fenced in pond, so you and your family can go fishing, LIVE GREEN, live off the land in your on privacy & to build your new home from the ground?

Or do you want that new job at the bank or financial institution or better yet qualify for that very low interest student loan that can be paid off 3 - 7 years sooner, because more of your payments will be applied to the principle instead of the interest?



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If you call today @ (903) 257-5936, we'll give you a FREE consultation in order to determine if your credit score can be improved with our Credit Analysis and FICO Score Enhancement services. If we don't think that your credit will benefit from our methods, we'll tell you so. As members of the ECRA, our focus is on giving you a fresh start with clean credit, not making a hefty profit from your mistakes.

The cost of cleaning up your credit is NOT going to cost you $1,997, what some credit repair rip offs charge, in fact most legal assistants will charge you anywhere from $1,200.00 to $2,000.00 altogether to fix your credit. Don't believe the hype when some credit repair services or legal assistants offer you a $59, $79, or $99 monthly plan thinking you are getting a bargain. Lets do the math here, some will linger you own for 12 to 18 months at $59/month x 18 = $1,062, or $79/mon. x 12 = $948, or $99/mon. x 12 = $1,188.00.

They will delete one or two negative items & then run off with your money stating they got you some hellava results, with no intention of following their services all the way through.

Not many Attorney based outfits can repair your credit for only $199 or $45 per month(don't be fooled, they will dispute only one credit bureau per month or just one period and no direct to creditor dispute or certified mail, which is very important ) most of the time ones radio advertising overhead will eat that up in a heart-beat
. Do you really believe they're going do it for FREE with no profit or Attorney will do work ?

Again, people please look at the "Big Fix" Ooops another typo; I mean the "Big Picture"!

                             BLUE GUARANTEE


We do except postal money orders,money orders, cashiers check, personal checks,credit cards, & cash by mail at: Brandon Coleman dba CII, P.O. Box 46, Atlanta, Texas 75551USA, and our other location in Killeen, TX, ran by Justin Coleman, Credit Specialist, CII, P.O. Box 11904, Killeen, Texas 76547USA, PH:254-630-0294

You may print out and mail in your order form by clicking on Sign Up.

Best wishes,                                                              

Brandon Coleman.
Tel/Fax: 903-257-5936

P.S. -Remember, there's no obligation when you call, and if we don't think we can help you improve your credit score, we'll tell you so. Personally, I put the money I'm saving on finance charges into a college fund for my kids. What will you do with yours?

P.P.S. Don't forget the FREE BONUSES valued at over $2,726.00 for signing up for our Credit Analysis and FICO Score Enhancement Services. HURRY because we can only except so many clients in any given month! Remember we're now offering a $29-$44 referral fees for good leads upon signup.




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