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Killmybadcredit, Credit Repair Company - Expert Finally Exposes -TOP 10 Things You Thought You Knew  About Credit!

The company works with an experience of 7 + years. It brings about the reality and services at its best at a very affordable price.


Atlanta, Texas (September 11, 2014) is an online venture that is dedicated to making people aware of certain crucial financial issues that are unknown to the common public. The main purpose of this institute is to help people in becoming debt free and guide them toward the right path. They work in a very confidential way and unveil only those information loopholes that are required.

Whenever it comes to credit related issues people often want to believe in good things blindly and face unexpected problems for thinking as such. This is mostly because of lack of awareness. This credit repair company is in a pledge to help people avoid the myths regarding credit matters. According to the President of this company “His credit repair experience dates back 7 + years. Have met and talked to many people around the world, well known in the Direct Marketing - Internet circles from advertising in a many business opportunity magazines and newspapers”.

Often people are found to share their credit scores with their spouse believing that it will be counted as one and this is where the need for fast credit repair comes into action. Credit scores are always computed separately so sharing it with others will only give a rise to a burden other than coming as a solution to credit repair.

In addition to that, when it comes to repairing bad credit people think that it is all because of their borrowing however, in actuality it includes each and every transaction that takes place. Also people think that paying off credit card bills entirely will add to their benefit but in actuality if you keep your credit card balance at zero after a certain length of time, it shows to be an inactivate/closed trade-line.

"Dave Ramsey rages that the most destructive myth in the financial world is that “Debt is a tool.”  He waxes poetic as he describes debt as “academic garbage,” “sufficient snobbery,” “enough risk to offset any advantage,” and a condemned “culture that has officially bought a lie.”

As it comes to brokers and lenders, people in the pass have believed that lender's scores are added to the broker's account, yet in practicality both are calculated separately. Apart from that in fact, people avoid  keeping multiple accounts, feeling it will lead to higher scores although in practice it depends on the average age of the accounts. Better the age, better will be the credit score.

Apart from all these myths, the top 10 myth conceptions of credit article also reveals  secrets, which makes people aware of some other myths, such as there will be no responsibility of the co-signers in a divorce case, the spouse thinks their scores will not be affected, piggybacking has become totally inactive, opting out will lead to a higher credit score, multiple loans hurt their credit score, etc.


This is a company that educates people about credit related issues. They work with adequate experience and great expertise. For more details watch


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