When one door closes another door opens; but we often look so longingly and so regretfully upon the door that closed, that we fail to see the one that has opened for us.




Coleman's Independence Institute  was started to help many of the uninformed citizens of the U.S. to learn about hidden secrets not highly known by the general public. We only reveal information that we feel will help and enlighten each one of you to the point of you becoming debt free or on the right path to becoming debt free. We search high and low expending our blood, sweat, and tears to find out information that will help you and I in our day to day lives. Such as finding errors in your credit reports & erasing those errors in your credit report with little known loopholes in the system, which not 1 in 1000 people even know about this.

The sole principle of CII is Brandon Coleman, President, Tel/Fax:(903)257-5936 24hrs . My credit repair experience dates back 7 years. Have met and talked to many people around the world, well known in the Direct Marketing - Internet circles from advertising in a many business opportunity magazines and newspapers -

Education & memberships: certified Paralegal  at home correspondence Blackstone School of Law - Dallas, TX, certified Medical Transcriptionist Texarkana Community College - Texarkana Texas, Medical Coder Texas A&M, ceritifed Safety Tech. & Teacher of OSHA 500, AF&AM, Copywriter, & last, but not least a certified Credit Analysis Consultant.

New addition to the company is Justin Coleman - Credit Specialist, very smart and motivated addition to my company, currently studying for his Bachelors degree in Business Managment/CPA, which is currently over our Killeen, Texas office, in which you can reach him by mail @ P.O. Box 11904, Killeen, Texas 76547, Ph: (254)630-0294, Email:

This is what the AARP  is saying about the current economy:

"Will youngest boomers go broke? They're raiding 401(k)s, falling behind on monthly payments and even going without medical care in efforts to keep afloat financially, " the AARP warns. "The economic woes that are forcing homeowners in foreclosure, choking spending on non-discretionary goods and driving up credit card debts may claim another group of victims in the coming years: Broke Baby Boomers!"